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Mr. A.Venkatasubramanian has a background in engineering, management, real estate and finance and combines his vast knowledge and experience to help people with their investments in real estate and financial instruments. 

Mr A.Venkatasubramanian is an engineer and management graduate having done his B.E. from India, an M.S. in Engineering and an M.B.A in General Management and Finance from the US. He has also cleared CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst, USA) Level - II.

He has several years of experience in real estate both in India and the US. He has the expertise having served as the Vice President of a premier and fast growing Real Estate Company in India and has been part of a premier Mortgage Financial Institution in the US.

He is currently an Entrepreneur and his other interests include sports, music, photography and travel.


Ms Vidya Ramakrishnan was working in a Public Limited Company before she ventured into her own brick and motor business. She then partnered with technology start-ups to build and launch some unique products. She has been an Entrepreneur most of her life.


Ms. Vidya has a B.A. in Economics and a M.A. in International Studies. She has good grasp of finance, economics and business management.

She combines her knowledge of and passion for economics, marketing and business management to help other people in their investment and management decisions.

She is the content editor of the books “Buddha on Wall Street” and Editor of the Books “The Real Deal” and “Nuggets of Wisdom.”


Having had several years’ experience as an Entrepreneur and Business women, e is passionate about woman in entrepreneurship. She has interest in music, theatre, travel, dance and reading.

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